Tasty. Trusty. Snacks!

Mini Me's are a better cookie

Mini Me’s are all about making healthy decisions fun for the entire family. Real food for real humans that are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and simple with wholesome, nutritional benefits. We want to be the first choice for parents who are looking for sensible, delicious snacks.  Making healthy choices for your kids is something you have to do every day. We get it – you just want one less compromise or battle with your kids. You are searching for snacks they like that won’t compromise your standards.  That’s where we come in – say yes to Mini Me’s. 

Snacking just got sneaky good!


Did you know there are over 100 different times to snack?  

Mini Me’s is perfect for any snacking occasion. Between meals. On the go. School lunch or even at the office!




In the car

After School Snack


Around the House


At Practice

At the Office

At School

Homework Time

Mini Me’s are a better you – your little guys – the mini you!  #minimes

Creative Services Team Sandra and Heather, they could be mini me's

Creative Director Emily and her mini me

Web Designer Kerri and her Mini Me.

Associate Brand Manager  Hollybeth and her mini me

Supply Chain Manager Sandi and her mini me

SE Regional Sales Manager Eric and his mini me

Director of Consumer Insights Shep and his mini me

Logistics Coordinator Michelle and her mini me

VP of Marketing Chris and a whole parcel of mini me's